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Analog ICs

Among our analog IC products are precision analog ICs and energy harvesting modules, single / dual CMOS analog RC timers, dual CMOS analog voltage comparators, precision CMOS voltage comparators, ultra low charge injection low voltage analog switches, precision low drift, low power analog timers with high discharge output, analog digital converters, audio components, D / A converters, A / D converters, Audio CODECs, sample rate converters, digital audio transceiver, digital amplifiers, power technology, volume controllers, industrial amplifiers, 3 – phase PWM DC motor drivers, embedded ethernet controller, echo cancellers, PWM controllers, power factor correction ICS, audio digital signal processors (DSP), interface ICs and processors, clock generators, sensor, SOC & transceiver, capacitive button controller, USB transceiver, buffers, LED / LCD driver solutions / lighting ICS, variable speed brushless fan motor controller, analog video products, gate drivers, single and multi-cell system power boost converters, current monitors, boost converter for camera photoflash applications, ultra high speed multiprotocol serial transceivers, 8-bit UARTs, PCIE UART, bus interface UARTs, PCI UARTs, I2C / SPI UARTs, LIUs and evaluation boards, Line Interface Unit (LIU), transceiver / CDR, T1 / E1 / SDH / WAN clocks, bits clock, LVDS analog interface, analog switch, audio jack microphone / video switches, analog timer, accelerometers, acceleration sensors, proximity & capacitive touch sensor controllers, engine control analog power IC, H-bridges and configurable switches, analog and mixed signal development tools, accelerometer IC, active filters, controller area network (CAN) transceivers, Local Interconnect Network (LIN) transceivers, real time clocks, crystal oscillators, silicon oscillators, voltage controlled oscillator, clock generators, timekeeping clocks, delay lines, digital potentiometer, precision matched resistor dividers, level translators, ADCS Analog to Digital Converters, touch interface ICs, RS-232 line drivers / receivers, RS-232-485/422 multiprotocol transceivers, RS-485/RS-422 line drivers / receivers, RS-485 line drivers / receivers, I/O port expanders, audio line drivers, SATA / PCIE repeaters and buffers, LVDS line drivers, digital temperature sensors, multiplexer switch ICs, high voltage transmit / receive switch, data converters, MOSFET drivers, Digital to Analog Converters (DAC), Audio CODEC, host controller, I2C bus repeaters / hubs / extenders, I2C general purpose I/O, I2C voltage level translator, PCI express physical layer devices, wideband RF switch, smart card readers, DC – DC converters, load / relay drivers, LAN switches, PCI – Express switch, USB 2.0 high speed programmable peripheral controller, Hall Effect ICs, EEPROMs, amplifiers, AC current sensor, infrared proximity sensors, proximity and ambient light sensors, jitter attenuating clocks, RF synthesizers, ethernet transceivers, electronic line switch integrated circuits, power meter ICs and VOIP modems, isolators.

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