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Capacitor & Inductor

Among our capacitors and inductors are:


Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, Aluminum caps, ultra low impedance series, SMD, anti-vibration series, chip type capacitor, bi-polar SMD series capacitor, aluminum organic capacitors, polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors, low profile, low ESR and large capacitance capacitor, radial lead type, ultra low ESR, low ESL and ultra low capacitance capacitors, snap-in snapmount capacitors, high capacitance screw terminal large can, capacitor mounting hardware, DC Link film capacitor, high ripple current screw terminal, supercapacitors, high power pulse supercapacitor, memory back-up capacitors, electric double layer capacitors, ultracapacitor, hybrid capacitor, screw terminal EDLC, ultracapacitor and hybrid design kit, thru hole capacitors, stacked coin capacitors, surface mount type, coin cell supercapacitor, high temperature series, low leakage current series, miniature axial capacitors, tubular general purpose capacitor, ceramic capacitors, flexible termination SMD, MLCC with high voltage, SMD MLCC capacitor array, floating electrode MLCC, open mode design capacitors, surge and safety capacitor, AC capacitors, surface mount OMD capacitors, feedthru array, low inductance capacitors, tip and ring MLCC, thin film RF / microwave capacitors, microwave MLCs, MLC chip capacitor, tin / lead chip capacitors, multilayer ceramic chip capacitors, high Q RF microwave capacitors, high frequency capacitor, conformal coated ceramic capacitors, AC line rated disc capacitors, film capacitors, radial metallized polyester film capacitors, snubber capacitors, motor run capacitors, DC link film capacitors, metallized paper capacitors, stacked metallized PPS film chip capacitors, suppression AC capacitors, pulse duty film capacitors, RF Mica chip capacitors, niobium oxide capacitors, tantalum caps.


Dual winding shielded power inductors, shielded SMD power inductors, non-shielded power inductors, high Q and multilayer chip inductors, inductor, chip bead and portnote design kit, ferrite beads, high current toroidal inductors, inductors and transformers, automotive inductor, high current high frequency power inductors, SMT power inductors, ring core double choke, wire wound chip inductors, chokes, rod core chokes, high frequency winding type air core coil, SMD common mode choke coils, bobbin inductors, fixed inductor, GigaHertz rated inductors, current sense transformers, toroidal filter inductors, common mode inductors, ceramic inductor, SMD common mode noise suppressors, SMD common mode line filters.

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