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Opto Components

Among our opto components are optocouplers, fiber optics, optical transmitters and receivers, transceivers, sensors, digital proximity sensor, analog ambient light sensor, signal conditioning IC optical proximity sensor with digital I2C interface, single transistor optocouplers, Darlington transistor optocouplers, laser diodes, photo diodes, infrared emitting diodes, phototransistors, photo transistor, LED drivers, AC/DC to logic interface, AC sensing, isolated error amplifiers, phototriac, infrared LEDs, IR LEDs, Hall effect sensors, fluid sensors, color sensors, reflective object sensors, optical switches, fiber optic LED, PIN photodiodes and receivers, optoisolators, UV / Blue enhanced silicon photodiodes, high speed epitaxial P-I-N silicon photodiodes, avalanche photodiodes, position sensitive detectors, wavelength selective detectors, photointerrupter, ambient light sensor, light-to-voltage converters, light-to-frequency converters, light-to-digital converters, linear sensor arrays, evaluation boards, IR receivers for 3D TV, reflective and transmissive sensors, IrDA transceivers, IrDA encoder / decoder

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- These catalogs contain only some brands we sell. We also have generic brand names and other brands with similar good quality for you to choose from.

- Contact us for your special electronic assembly requests. We integrate various components & products and manufacture complex assemblies. We can either design it for you or assemble according to your design. Here are details about our assembling capabilities:

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