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Some of our supplies for the electronics industry are 3M tapes, vinyl electrical tape, electrical sealing and insulating, splicing tape, duct tape, electroplating and masking tapes, EMC products, XYZ-axis electrically conductive adhesive transfer tapes, aluminum foil tapes, metallized polyester cloth tape, EMI & RFI shielding tape, low static polyimide film tape, EMI absorbing materials, circuit plating tape, static protective packaging, static shielding bags, desiccant Tyvek bags, 3M static awareness labels, SCC labels, SCC humidity indicator cards, 3M workstation and personal grounding monitors, EM eye meter, ESD pro event detector, soldering iron continuous monitor workstation, ground monitor, ground integrity meter, near field probes kit, EMC training kit, static control anti-fatique mat, hinged containers, conductive floor mats, SCC adjustable fabric wrist strap, workstation grounding kit, SCC foot grounders, dissipative rigid work surface, ESD stacking board handler trays, conductive static free foam.

Click here to download our off-shelf comprehensive electric & electronic components catalog.

We also recommend that you download by clicking here and check our tools catalog from AGS-Industrial which includes products such as Electrician's Tools, Universal Hardware and Measuring Tools.

- These catalogs contain only some brands we sell. We also have generic brand names and other brands with similar good quality for you to choose from.

- Contact us for your special electronic assembly requests. We integrate various components & products and manufacture complex assemblies. We can either design it for you or assemble according to your design. Here are details about our assembling capabilities:

Download general process capabilities & tolerances for rigid PCB manufacturing

Download general process capabilities & tolerances for aluminum PCB manufacturing

Download general process capabilities & tolerances for flexible and rigid-flexible PCB manufacturing

Download general PCB Fabrication Processes

Download general process summary of Printed Circuit Board Assembly PCBA manufacturing

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