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AGS-ELECTRONICS - Your One-Stop Electronic Components, Prototypes, Sub-Assemblies, Assemblies and Finished Products Supplier

Welcome to AGS-Electronics, your all-in-one source for electronic components, assemblies and products. We are your supplier of the following products:


- Interconnect Components & Hardware

- Wires & Cables and Related Assemblies

- Electromechanical Devices

- Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) & Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

- Circuit Protection & Passives

- Electronic Power Generation & Conversion & Management

- Electric Motors & Fans & Coolers

- Lighting & Illumination

- Heaters & Coolers

- Meters & Indicators & Scales

- Sensors & Actuators & Transducers & Transmitters

- Audio & Sound & Acoustic 

- Mechatronics & Robotics & Automation

- Embedded Systems & Microcontrollers & Microcomputers

- Signal Processing & Conditioning

- Semiconductors

- Wireless & RF & Microwave

- Communication Electronics

- Touchscreen & Display & Monitor

- Optical & Optoelectronic

- Electronic Enclosures & Thermal Management

- Test Devices & Equipment

- Electronic Tools & Supplies

- Other Electronic Products


We offer off-shelf products as well as custom manufacturing & assemblies & integration. AGS-Electronics is the electronics division of global industrial supplier and integrator AGS-TECH Inc. -

AGS-Electronics offers the following services:

- Product Finding & Locating

- Prototyping Services

- Product Modification 

- Custom & Contract Manufacturing

- Electronics Manufacturing Outsourcing

- Engineering Integration Services

- Global Consolidation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Without a wide spectrum of electronics manufacturing and engineering services, we would be no different than the majority of other manufacturers and sellers with limited custom manufacturing and assembly capabilities. The spectrum of our electronics manufacturing & engineering services distinguishes us. Engineering services can be offered in a number of ways that suits your needs. We are flexible and our engineering services can take the form that best fits your needs and requirements. The deliverables and output of our electronics manufacturing and engineering services is limited only by your imagination and can take any form that suits you.  Outsourcing electronics manufacturing & engineering services to us can provide you many benefits such as cost savings from hiring a full-time engineer or engineers, getting cost savings by using our low cost country engineering and manufacturing resources from Southeast Asia, quickly getting the expert engineer to serve you within your timeframe and budget rather than searching to hire one, giving you the ability to quit a project quickly in case you realize it is not feasible (this is very costly in case you hire and lay-off your own engineers), quickly be able to change the tasks assigned to your engineers giving you the capability to maneuver at any time and phase of your projects…..etc. There are many other benefits to outsourcing engineering services. If the engineering side of our business is of more interest to you, you can find detailed information about our engineering services by visiting

We are AGS-Electronics, your one-stop source for Electronic Components, Prototypes, Sub-Assemblies, Assemblies and Finished Products

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AGS-Electronics is your Global Supplier of Electronics, Prototyping House, Mass Producer, Custom Manufacturer, Engineering Integrator, Consolidator, Outsourcing and Contract Manufacturing Partner


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