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Optomechanical & Optoelectronic Assemblies

Optomechanical assemblies

Optomechanical Assemblies - AGS-TECH 

Optical Projector Assemblies from AGS-TECH Inc.

Optomechanical Assemblies - Camera Systems - AGS-Electronics

Manufactured endoscope systems.JPG

Manufactured endoscope systems

AGS-TECH designs and manufactures optocouplers such as Iphone to endoscope coupler

Fiberscope supplied by AGS-TECH Inc.

Optomechanical Components

Mirror Finish Reflective Sheet Metal Assembly for Solar Application by AGS-TECH Inc.

Micro Endoscope .JPG

Micro Endoscope 

Laser assembly.png

Laser Assembly

Passive Optical Systems Assembly.jpg

Passive Optical Systems Assembly

Camera Systems for Industrial Inspection

We Build Your Camera Systems for Industrial Inspection

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AGS-Electronics is your Global Supplier of Electronics, Prototyping House, Mass Producer, Custom Manufacturer, Engineering Integrator, Consolidator, Outsourcing and Contract Manufacturing Partner


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