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Networking and Communication Products

Networking and communication products gallery, ATOP Technologies, Janz Tec, Korenix, ICP DAS, DFI-ITOX and other quality brands of ethernet switches, gigabit layer-3 switch, PoE module, industrial serial device server, Modbus concentrator, industrial serial-to-fiber media converter and more. You can order these for the guaranteed lowest prices from us. We give generous discounts from list prices !!!

Top Quality Networking Products from ATOP Technologies.png

Top Quality Networking Products from ATOP Technologies. We sell for guaranteed lowest prices. Big discounts from list prices if you buy from us.

ATOP Technologies SFP Optical Transceivers.png

ATOP Technologies SFP Optical Transceivers. We sell for less. We sell with best discounts off the list prices. 

Modbus Gateway Ethernet RJ-45  RS-232-422-485 USB.png
ATOP Technologies AGS-Electronics.png

Modbus Gateway Ethernet, RJ-45, RS-232/422/485, USB manufactured by ATOP Technlogies and offered to you by AGS-Electronics for the guaranteed lowest prices in the market.

Founded over 25 years ago, Atop Technologies has grown and become a leading designer & manufacturer of industrial networking and pick-to-light systems. Offering both custom-made and off-the-shelf solutions, Atop Technologies has developed a reputation as the manufacturer of choice among many industries. If you purchase ATOP products from us, you will get the best discounts in the market and we can assist you in developing custom products for you if you need something special.

To find out more on these ATOP Technologies brand networking and communications devices we offer, please download: 

Download our ATOP TECHNOLOGIES compact product brochure

(Download ATOP Technologies Product  List  2021)

Janz Tec Brand Fanless Embedded PC System Intel ATOM Processor.png

Janz Tec Brand Fanless Embedded PC System Intel ATOM Processor. We guarantee you lowest prices on Janz Tec products.

Embedded Controller.png

Raspberry Pi based Embedded Controller designed and produced by Janz Tec, available from us with best discounts.

IoT gateway series emIOT.png

Janz Tec portfolio of embedded PCs was extended and the IoT gateway series emIOT was launched. It complements the emPC product line with systems specifically designed for networking machines and processes. We sell these at guaranteed lowest prices.

Janz Tec Panel PCs.png

Our Janz Tec brand Panel PC systems are known as emVIEW and emWEB (Web Panels). They all have resistive or capacitive touch displays and are available in different display sizes in 4: 3 and 16: 9 form factors. All systems are flexibly adaptable and customizable in the front panel design. Download our brochure below and if you need something customized just let us know and we will get it manufactured for you.

Korenix Products from AGS-Electronics.png

Korenix Technology, is a global leading manufacturer providing innovative, market-oriented, value-focused Industrial Wired and Wireless Networking Solutions. We offer you the following Korenix products for the guaranteed lowest prices in the market:

Korenix JetNet 2005 L2 L3 Five Port Fast Ethernet Switch.png

Korenix JetNet 2005 L2 L3 Five Port Fast Ethernet Switch. Korenix JetNet 2005 is an Industrial 5-port 10/100Base-TX Ethernet switch. JetNet 2005 adopts slim industrial design to save rail space for compact systems. In order to survive under harsh environment, JetNet 2005 features an industrial-grade aluminum case with IP31 grade protection ability against dust and water. JetNet 2005 provides one relay output for port link down events, which is enabled/ disabled by the DIP switch. Moreover, JetNet 2005 has good immunity against unstable power source and can accept DC 18~32V power input by terminal block.

PET-7H16M high-speed data acquisition module.png

ICP DAS USA‘s new PET-7H16M is a high-speed data acquisition module with a built-in Ethernet communication port for network data transfer. You can check our ICP DAS brand products from the links below. 

Data Acquisition (DAQ) - Embedded Control - Industrial Communication Products from ICP DAS

Data Acquisition (DAQ) - Embedded Control - Industrial Communication Products from ICP DAS. We guarantee you the lowest prices on these.

G4S601-B industrial motherboard.png

DFI-ITOX brand model G4S601-B industrial motherboard, available from AGS-Electronics at guaranteed lowest market prices. Download brochures of DFI-ITOX below for a wide selection.

DFI ITOX Products.png

DFI ITOX is a global leading provider of high-performance computing technology across multiple embedded industries. DFI’s industrial-grade products enable customers to optimize their equipment and ensure high reliability, long-term life cycle, and 24/7 durability in AutomationMedicalGamingTransportationEnergy, mission-critical, and intelligent retail.

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