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How to Become a Supplier for AGS-Electronics ?

Become a Supplier for Engineering Integrator and Custom Manufacturer AGS-TECH Inc.

Want to become a global supplier for AGS-Electronics ? To become a potential supplier for us:

1.) Please click here to visit our supplier platform:

2.) On this form, please fill out as much detail as possible. Once your data is entered into our system it is filtered, screened and evaluated. Depending on keywords and input content, it is categorized, rated and evaluated for further processing. We use both artificial intelligence as well as human effort to analyze your data.

If your company is found appropriate and suitable for our needs, we will then send you RFQs (Request for Quote) and RFPs (Request for Proposal). Please be patient, as this can take some time. AGS-Electronics expands its business gradually with its suppliers based on their performance on overall quality.


Of particular value to us are global electronic products manufacturers in areas of new technology for whch there is big demand. If you are a supplier for the following, we encourage you to register your company to our database via the above link:

-Small to intermediate volume manufacturer of electrical & electronic cable assemblies and wire harness (100 to 500 pieces per order).


-Engineering integrator with capability to integrate custom hardware with new software. Embedded system developers.


-Suppliers of new test and metrology equipment strictly meeting international industry standards.


-Engineering integrator and custom manufacturer who can complement or contribute to our product lines in unique ways.


-Engineering integrator and custom manufacturer of micromanufactured and mesomanufactured products such as miniature custom sensors and actuators, miniature electronic and optoelectronic devices.

- Electronic products developers with strong research and development facilities willing to work on developing new products and processes.

Besides our off-the-shelf products, as an engineering integrator and custom manufacturer we bring together parts, sub-assemblies and products from the best plants and assemble them together, package and label them according to requirements and ship to our customers. Integration is the process of bringing together the components into one system and ensuring that the subsystems function together as a system. To keep our spot as a distinguished engineering integrator and custom manufacturer, we have to keep working with the finest suppliers and assure that they do have valid and up-to-date quality related certifications obtained from well established certification bodies. An ISO9001, TS16949, QS9000, AS9001, ISO13485 are among the first requirements for any manufacturer of products. In addition to one of these certifications, any custom manufacturer or engineering services provider will need to present further evidence of being capable to contribute successfully to our engineering and integration efforts by showing examples of products for which a CE or UL mark was obtained, evidence of having successfully sold products meeting international standards such as IEEE, IEC, ASTM, DIN, MIL-SPEC…etc. to customers in the US, Canadian, Australian, EU and Japanese markets. If you are an engineering integrator and custom manufacturer, you are especially important for us because of your ability to integrate at least some of the components at your facility before shipping them to us.

Being a globally recognized engineering integrator and custom manufacturer, logistics is a key element in our business. We must keep being able to ship fast, damage-free and economically. Therefore having presence in one of the logistically key locations is very important for every engineering integrator and custom manufacturer willing to collaborate and partner with us. Logistics is a complex issue we constantly work on and keep improving. Sometimes the best option is to ship a product as individual components and parts to an assembly plant that is in the vicinity of our customer. This saves on shipping cost because the final product may be large and bulky and the final assembly plant being close to customer will keep shipping prices to a minimum and at the same time be a safer option where the most value is put into the product that is shipped only a short distance to its final destination. We use Supply Chain Management tools in optimizing these based on your credentials and location as a supplier.

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AGS-Electronics is your Global Supplier of Electronics, Prototyping House, Mass Producer, Custom Manufacturer, Engineering Integrator, Consolidator, Outsourcing and Contract Manufacturing Partner


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