Electromechanical Devices

Electromechanical & sensor products offered by AGS-Electronics are: 
Directional Switches and Encoders
Switches (cont.) 
Switch Seals

PCB Low-Signal 
PCB General Purpose 
Solid State Relays and I/O Modules
General Purpose/Industrial Relays
Controllers, Counters and Timers 
Motors and Drives 
Circuit Breakers
Electromechanical (cont.)

Motion and Position 
Photoelectric/Fiber Optic
Temperature and Humidity

Some of the suppliers for our electromechanical and sensor products are:
All Sensors

Applied Motion
Avago Technologies
BEI Sensors
C&K Components
Carling Technologies
Cherry Electrical
Cii (Continental Industries)
Coto Technology
CW Industries
Davies Moulding

Eagle Plastic Devices
ITW Switches
Keystone Electronics
Knowles Acoustics
Measurement Specialties
MEDER electronic
Mountain Switch

NKK Switches
Phoenix Contact
Potter & Brumfield
Projects Unlimited/PUI Audio
RAF Electronic Hardware
Shin Chin
Song Chuan
Spectra Symbol
Spectrum Sensors
TE Connectivity
Well Buying

Switching Products & Switches: Some of the switching products we offer are snap action switches, snap acting switch, single and double pole switch, hook and leaf switches, miniature switches, basic switches, limit switch, V-basic switches, low torque rotary action basic switch, watertight and heavy duty switches, tactile switches, surface mount switch, tactile switch for SMT, navigation switch, illuminated switches, processed sealed ultra-thin tactiles, key caps, keyswitch, dome switches, SMD switches, detector switches, detection switches, directional switches, pushbutton switches, toggle switches, rocker / paddle switches, slide switches, magnetic / reed switch, DIP & SIP switches, rotary switches, thumbwheel switches, limit switches, switch seals.

Relays: Some of the relays we offer are frequency relays, RF, general purpose centigrid & TO-5 relays, surface mount RF relays, high isolation latching relays, broadband attenuator relay, SMT RF relay, CMOS compatible RF relay, microwave coaxial switches, signal relays, miniature relays, low signal relays, power relays, PCB relays, solid state relay, solid state relays with LED lamp indicator, printed circuit board relays, panel mount relays, automotive relays, micro ISO automotive relays, plug-in MINI-280 ISO automotive relays, reed relays, microminiature form C reed relay, high voltage reed relay, low thermal EMF reed relay, Spartan DIP relay, SIP reed relay, magnetically shielded surface mount reed relay, DIP and SIP dry reed relays, DIN rail mount relays, three phase solid state relays, fully integrated intelligent solid state relay, mini rail mount input and output  modules, I/O modules, SCR / diode power modules, PC mount relays, solid state DC contactor, panel mount SSRs, analog input power controller, phase control panel mount SSR, solid state relays for telecom applications, solid state relays for high frequency switching, MOSFET relays, hardware for class 782 relays, hermetically sealed relays, square base relay, square base magnetic latching relay, time delay and ice cube relays, voltage sensing relays, class 9A sealed general purpose power relays, octal base relays, slim relays, safety relays, multi-pole power relays, multimode relay, multicontact general purpose relays, sockets and accessories, crystal can relay.

Encoders: Some of the encoder products we offer are hollow shaft, insulated shaft and metal shaft encoders, surface mount encoder, rotary encoders, rotary encoders with center push switch, rotary optical encoder with switch, incremental encoders, digital encoder.

Audio Elements: Some of the electronic audio components and elements we supply are speakers and transducers, subminiature speakers, waterproof transducers, dampers, microphones, buzzers, magnetic buzzer, piezzoelectric buzzer, telephone ringers, earphones, receivers, electret condenser microphones, magnetic transducer, ultrasonic transducer, Mylar speaker, dynamic speakers, audible alarms, electro-magnetic  and piezo indicators, piezoelectric siren.

Motors & Drives: Some of our motors and drives are stepper motors, step motors, high torque step motor, step motor drives, programmable step motor drive, evaluation starter kit, ST stepper drives, integrated motors, servo drives and motors, autocontrol DC motors.

Controllers: Some of the controller products we offer are programmable nano controllers, digital process controllers, digital temperature controllers, monitoring control relays, analog temperature controller.

Counters & Timers: Some of the counter and timer products we offer are multifunction counter / tachometer, subminiature self powered total counter, subminiature self powered tachometer, subminiature self powered time counter, DIP solid-state timer for PCB use, solid state timers, 1/16 DIN digital set solid state timers, multifunction timer, miniature timers, 1/16 DIN multifunctional digital timers, ¼ DIN size weekly timers.

Circuit Breakers: Some of our circuit breaker products are UL489 circuit breakers, UL1077 DIN rail circuit breakers, circuit breaker with handle actuator, miniature circuit breakers, thermal circuit protectors with plastic or metal bushing, miniature circuit breakers with illuminated rocker, panel mount rocker thermal circuit protectors, thermal circuit breakers with push / pull actuator or toggle actuator, push to reset fuseholder type thermal circuit breakers, power switch, magnetic hydraulic circuit breakers, thermo magnetic circuit breaker.

Sensors & Actuators: Some of our sensor and actuator products are motion and position sensors, magnetic, linear sensor, rotary position sensors, throttle position and industrial control sensors, dual output Hall effect sensors, harness assemblies, infrared sensor, leaded magnetic probes position sensors, smart arc position sensor, PCB level position sensors, flex, pot sensors and wipers, softpot and hotpot membrane potentiometer sensors,  magnetopot sensors, thinpot sensors, push button temperature transmitters, industrial grade sensing probes, temperature sensing probes and assemblies, thermistors and heaters, Hall effect speed and proximity sensors, solid state speed sensor, vane sensors, intrinsically linear angular position sensor, extended range DC 3-wire proximity sensors, short barrel inductive proximity sensors, capacitive proximity sensors, adjustable capacitive sensors, photoelectric sensors, photomicrosensors, transmissive non-amplified photomicrosensors, compact amplified non-modulated photomicrosensors, reflective non-amplified photomicrosensors, reed sensors and magnets, tilt sensors, rolling ball tilt sensor switches, pressure flow and vibration sensors, MEMS gauge pressure sensor, gas mass flow sensors, MEMS LPG flow sensors, MEMS airflow sensor, MEMS mass flow sensors, MEMS air velocity sensors, ceramic automatic reset thermostats, hermetic thermostat, on-surface temperature sensors, current sensors, silicon pressure sensors, piezoresistive silicon sensors, force sensors, stainless steel isolated pressure transducer, compression load cells, low pressure transducers, accelerometers, electronic clinometers.

Electronic & Electromechanical Hardware: Some of our electronic & electromechanical hardware products are bumpers and grommets, cable gland, ECA clamping ring, short seal, liquid tight metal strain reliefs, lock nuts, PCB hardware and metric spacers, metric hex spacers, metric circular spacers, liquid tight cordgrips, swage standoffs, terminals, tools and hole plugs, metric captive panel and thumb screws, thumb nuts, machined aluminum control knobs, molded phenolic and other plastic knobs, pointer control knobs, fluted instrument knobs, clamp knobs, bar knob, knurled clamping knob, slide control knobs, instrument knobs, color control knobs.

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