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Sensors & Actuators & Transducers & Transmitters

Some of our sensor and actuator products are motion and position sensors, magnetic, linear sensor, rotary position sensors, throttle position and industrial control sensors, dual output Hall effect sensors, harness assemblies, infrared sensor, leaded magnetic probes position sensors, smart arc position sensor, PCB level position sensors, flex, pot sensors and wipers, softpot and hotpot membrane potentiometer sensors,  magnetopot sensors, thinpot sensors, push button temperature transmitters, industrial grade sensing probes, temperature sensing probes and assemblies, thermistors and heaters, Hall effect speed and proximity sensors, solid state speed sensor, vane sensors, intrinsically linear angular position sensor, extended range DC 3-wire proximity sensors, short barrel inductive proximity sensors, capacitive proximity sensors, adjustable capacitive sensors, photoelectric sensors, photomicrosensors, transmissive non-amplified photomicrosensors, compact amplified non-modulated photomicrosensors, reflective non-amplified photomicrosensors, reed sensors and magnets, tilt sensors, rolling ball tilt sensor switches, pressure flow and vibration sensors, MEMS gauge pressure sensor, gas mass flow sensors, MEMS LPG flow sensors, MEMS airflow sensor, MEMS mass flow sensors, MEMS air velocity sensors, ceramic automatic reset thermostats, hermetic thermostat, on-surface temperature sensors, current sensors, silicon pressure sensors, piezoresistive silicon sensors, force sensors, stainless steel isolated pressure transducer, compression load cells, low pressure transducers, accelerometers, electronic clinometers.

If you already know exactly the product make, model, code, part number ....etc. or at least the specifications of the items you would like to order or if you need custom manufacturing according to your specifications, please click highlighted text below:


AGS-Electronics’s worldwide design and channel partner network provides a channel between our authorized design partners and our customers in need of technical expertise and cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. Download brochure for our DESIGN PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM

If you don't have a specific product brand, model, code....etc. in mind but would like to search for something that may suit your needs, we invite you to download the brochures and catalogs from the page below for some of the off-shelf products available:


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