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Interconnect Components & Hardware

Interconnect components and hardware available from AGS-Electronics are: 
AC Power Connectors
Power Cords, Power Entry Modules,
Power Filters, Power Outlets and Inlets
DC Power Connectors
Audio/Video Connectors
Audio Connectors, Adapters, Banana,
DIN, Phone, Phono and XLR
RF Connectors
Data/Network/Telecom Connectors
Modular, SFP+, DisplayPort, USB,
HDMI and Fiber
Photovoltaic (Solar) Connectors
“D” Connectors
D-Sub Connectors, Adapters and 

Circular Connectors
Lighting Connectors
Memory Cards
Backplane/Card Edge
Power Connectors
Rectangular Connectors
Headers/Receptacles, Housings, Pin and Socket
Component and Test Sockets
Terminal Blocks
Pluggable, Barrier, PCB and DIN Rail
Wire & Cable Management 
Cable Ties, Duct, Identification and 

Wire & Cable
Cable Assemblies

Suppliers of our interconnect products are:
Alpha Wire
Anderson Power Products
Avery Dennison
AVX Interconnect
Bomar Interconnect

Eagle Plastic Devices
FCT Electronics
Hirose Electric
Johnson Components
Keystone Electronics

Phoenix Contact
Spectrum ASP
TE Connectivity

AC Power Connectors: Some of the AC power connector products we supply are AC power cords, power supply cords, international power cords, AC power connectors, inlets with fuse holders, cable connectors, outlets, NEMA outlets, IEC 60320 C13 outlets, AC receptacles, AC adapter, inlet with voltage selector & fuseholder IEC 320-C14, angled inlet PCB mount IEC 320-C14, AC power plug assembly, multi-function modules, power entry modules, filters, RFI filter, panel mount IEC320 AC inlets, backplane outlets, DC fitered power entry modules. 

DC Power Connectors: Some of the DC power connector products we supply are: Standard DC power jacks and plugs, mini DC power jack, snap and lock DC power connectors, power plugs, miniature sealed power plug and jack, straight, right angle and locking right angle miniature power jacks, mounting hardware.

Audio, Video Connectors & Adapters: Some of the audio & video connectors and adapter products we supply are: Banana plugs / jacks and binding posts, PCB insulated banana plug sockets, non-insulated and insulated binding posts, crocodile clips and clip insulators, tip plugs and jacks, test jacks, stereo audio jacks, PCB and surface mount thru hole all plastic stereo audio jacks, phone jacks, subminiature and miniature phone jack, subminiature and miniature phone plugs, commercial phone plugs for polarized connections, stereo phone plugs, inline jacks, circular DIN connectors, insulating washers, phono plugs, microphone connector, XLR connectors.

RF Connectors & Adapters: Among our RF Connectors & Adapters are BNC connectors and plugs, BNC twist-on plug, BNC right angle plugs, BNC jacks, BNC bulkhead jack, SMA and SMB connectors, SMB plugs and jacks, SHV connectors, TNC plugs, TNC jack, tools and dies for RF connector, non-magnetic coaxial connectors, in-series and between series adapters, brass and stainless steel body connectors, mini UHF connectors, TWINAX – twin axial weather proof connectors, crimp tools,  MCX and MMCX connectors, MHV high voltage weather proof connectors, BNC coaxial crimp plugs, SMP connectors, SMA fixed commercial attenuators, SMA jack recepticles, SMK 40GHz connectors. 

PV & Solar Connectors & Adapters: The PV photovoltaic & solar connector & adapter products we offer are: solar connectors, junction box, DC connectors, connector kits, contacts, tools, solar connector system, combiner box, cable couplers, T-branch connectors, grounding solutions, 1-pole solar cable, solar field service kit, solar identification labels.

Datacom, Telecom, Network Connectors & Adapters: Among our datacom, telco, network connectors & adapters are modular jacks, modular telephone keystone kits, standard modular plugs, category 5E modular plug, RJ45 and RJ11 modular jacks with LEDs, inductive filtering modular RJ jacks, USB 2.0 connectors and cable assembly, USB 3.0 connectors, USB receptacles, I/O connectors, surface mount micro USB socket connectors, HDMI connectors, 4P mini IEEE 1394 connectors,  USB type A and B receptacles, shielded compact ribbon (SCR) I/O connectors, mini camera link SDR connectors, SCSI cable assemblies, twin axial cable, external input / output connectors, fiber connectors, interface connector, VHDCI connector system, DVI – Digital Visual Interface connectors, LCD coaxial embedded display interface ( LCEDI ) connectors, patch antennas and ESD / EMI filtered USB connectors, SFP – Small Form Factor Pluggable, microGiGaCN high speed I /O connectors, QSFP+ connector, QSFP series connectors and accessories, XFP connectors and accessories, XENPAK / XPAK / X2 connector, TRIAD and INFINIBAND connectors, micro SAS serial ATA connectors, SATA connectors, ATA cable assemblies, advanced TCA, ATCA guide modules, SCSI – Small Computer  System Interface input output, SCSI  IDC cable mount connectors, SCSI female SMC right angle connectors, environmentally sealed D-SUB connectors, rugged ethernet connection system, high reliability CAT 5 and CAT 5E ethernet cable & cordsets, protective caps and gaskets for RJ and USB receptacles, ethernet CPC, IP67 connector systems, ATCA & PCI and DIN connectors, switch, ethernet patch cords.

Interconnects & Sockets & Terminals & Inlets & Receptacles: We offer PLCC and DIP sockets, adapters and jumpers, SOIC and SOJ to DIP adapters, lock / eject DIP sockets, DIP to SOIC adapters, display sockets, DIP adapter sockets, SSOP IC to DIP adapters, universal PLCC ZIF test socket, oscillator socket, PLCC to DIP adapter, IC sockets, SIMM sockets, PO-3 power transistor sockets, PCB receptacles and pins, transistor sockets, spring loaded contacts and connectors, terminals and splices, wire caps, terminal blocks, DIN rail terminal blocks. 

If you already know exactly the product make, model, code, part number ....etc. or at least the specifications of the items you would like to order or if you need custom manufacturing according to your specifications, please click highlighted text below:



AGS-Electronics’s worldwide design and channel partner network provides a channel between our authorized design partners and our customers in need of technical expertise and cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. Download brochure for our DESIGN PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM

If you don't have a specific product brand, model, code....etc. in mind but would like to search for something that may suit your needs, we invite you to download the brochures and catalogs below for some of the off-shelf products available: OFF-SHELF INTERCONNECT COMPONENTS & HARDWARE

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