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Off-Shelf Electronic Enclosures & Thermal Management

Here you can go to relevant pages to download available brochures and catalogs for some off-the-shelf electronic components, parts and products we are offering. Please keep in mind that the downloadable documents here represent only a small group of products we supply.

If you don't have a specific product brand, model, code....etc. in mind but would like to search for something that may suit your needs, we invite you to download the brochures and catalogs below for some of the products available.

We supply computer racks, rack mount instruments, rack mounted system, rack mount chassis, subrack, shelf, 19 inch racks, rack mounting hardware, structural support components, rails & slides, two and four post racks, 23 inch rack, open rack, 3U rackmount system, full size rack, half rack.


Download our Tibox Model Enclosures and Cabinets

Download our 06 Series Plug-in Chassis 

Download our 01 Series Instrument Case System-I 

Download our 05 Series Instrument Case System-V 

Our enclosures are hand held plastic enclosures, electronic enclosures, DIN rail mount boxes, plastic utility box, UL / NEMA /IEC enclosures, polycarbonate & ABS enclosures, potting boxes, NEMA watertight enclosures, miniature enclosures, RFI conductive plastic enclosures, multipurpose plastic instrument enclosure, translucent polycarbonate enclosures, polystyrene multipurpose instrument enclosures, flame retardant ABS plastic enclosures, snap together enclosure, wallmount enclosure, infrared panels, enclosures with battery door, battery holder kits, consoles, sloping styrene console, plastic desktop consoles, USB, dongles and battery box enclosures, press fit USB key enclosure, press fit mini remote control for mini USB A, press together electronic dongle enclosure, screw together key FOB enclosures, ABS plastic press fit vented utility enclosures, outdoor enclosures, electrical housing, wireless wall mount enclosures, equipment cases.

Download our Tibox Model Enclosures and Cabinets

Download our economic 17 Series Hand Held Enclosures 

Download our 10 Series Sealed Plastic Enclosures 

Download our 08 Series Plastic Cases 

Download our 18 Series Special Plastic Enclosures 

Download our 24 Series DIN Plastic Enclosures 

Download our 37 Series Plastic Equipment Cases 

Download our 15 Series Modular Plastic Enclosures 

Download our 14 Series PLC Enclosures

Download our 31 Series Potting and Power Supply Enclosures 

Download our 20 Series Wall-Mounting Enclosures 

Download our 03 Series Plastic & Steel Enclosures 

Download our 02 Series Plastic and Aluminum Instrument Case Systems II 

Download our 16 Series DIN rail module enclosures 

Download our 19 Series Desk-Top Enclosures 

Download our 21 Series Card Reader Enclosures 

Some of the electrical fans and accessories we offer are DC and AC brushless fans, DC brushless fans with hypro bearing, tubeaxial AC and DC fans, S-force fans, AC & DC flatpaks and motorized impellers, S-force radial blowers, inlet rings, fan accessories, fan silencers, wire form fan guards, plastic fan guards, plastic fan filter assemblies, fan filters, fan power cords.

Some of our heat sink products are slalom SMT heat sinks, TO-3, TO-5, TO-39, TO-18, TO-92, TO-126, TO-127, TO-202, TO-218, TO-220 case styles, surface mount case styles, multiwatt case styles, heat sinks for DIP packages, heat sinks for LED light sources, BGA heatsinks for small footprint LEDs, clips & accessories, insulating shoulder washers, insulators, thermally conductive insulators, thermal compounds, heatsink assemblies, board level power semiconductor heat sink, DC / DC converter heat sinks, thermal pads. Please click on the colored text below to download our related brochures and catalogs.

Download our standard heat sinks

Download our extruded heat sinks

Download our Super Power heat sinks for medium - high power electronic systems

Download our catalog for heat sinks with Super Fins

Download our catalog for Easy Click heat sinks

Download our catalog for super cooling plates

Download our catalog for waterless cooling plates

Our thermal interface products are thermal gap filler pads and materials, electrically conductive thermal interface material, electrical insulators, graphite sheets.

Our thermoelectric products are thermoelectric modules. thermoelectric cooler and heater, thermoelectric assembly, Peltier device, heat pump, TEC, solid state refrigerator.

Our metal enclosures are metal electrical and electronics enclosures, die cast aluminum enclosures, sealed aluminum enclosures, die-cast terminal block box, die-cast control box, die-cast junction box, cable gland. We have enclosures designed to meet IP68, IP65 of IEC 60529 dustproof and waterproof requirements, enclosures that provide EMI shielding. 

Download our Tibox Model Enclosures and Cabinets

Download our 11 Series Die-cast Aluminum Boxes 

Download our 01 Series Instrument Case System-I 

Download our 05 Series Instrument Case System-V 


Information on our facility producing ceramic to metal fittings, hermetic sealing, vacuum feedthroughs, high and ultrahigh vacuum components, BNC, SHV adapters and connectors, conductors and contact pins, connector terminals can be found here: Factory Brochure

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