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Electronic Power Generation & Conversion & Management Products

Power Products offered by AGS-Electronics are: 
Power Transformers
DC-DC Converters
Power Supplies
AC Adapters
Power Filters
Power Protection
Batteries (cont.)
Sealed Lead-Acid
Battery Holders & Contacts

Suppliers for our power products are:
Ault/SL Power
Bias Power
Condor/SL Power
Eagle Plastic Devices
Emerson Network Power/Astec
Emerson Network Power/Artesyn Technologies
ICE Components
International Power
Keystone Electronics

Lineage Power
Mean Well
Murata Power Solutions
Phoenix Contact
TE Connectivity
Triad Magnetics

Power Transformers: Some of our power transformer products are low voltage PC board mount universal power transformer, toroidal power transformers, rectifier transformers, SMT current sense transformers, X-coil series gate and signal transformers, SMT gate drive transformers, pulse transformers, converter transformers, laminated power transformers, audio and telecommunication transformers, ultra wideband audio transformers, telecommunication dry coupling transformer, miniature encapsulated telecommunication V.32 MODEM transformer, flat-pack power transformers, telephone coupling transformers, power PCB transformers.

DC - DC Converters: Among our DC-DC converter products you can find 1W / 1.5W / 2W / 3W / 5W / 6W /…….350W single and dual output, 30W isolated output, non-isolated point of load DC-DC converters, 300W ATCA dual input power module, 5-15W Macrodens footprint isolated SMD, 108W quarter-brick isolated thru hole, 30-50W sixteenth brick isolated thru hole, 165-204W quarter-brick double-P isolated thru hole, 400W quarter brick isolated thru hole, 60-150W eight brick isolated thru hole, 350W half-brick isolated thru hole, 50 quarter-brick isolated thru hole, 600-700W full-brick isolated thru hole, DC input and dual single output, miniature high voltage DC/DC converter module, filter modules, 3KVDC isolated 1W single and dual output, 3W triple output, regulated and unregulated DC / DC converter, high temperature converter, non-isolated SMT and SIP DC-DC converters, non-isolated programmable output DOSA POLS, high efficiency switching regulators, DC-DC no-bus pols, DC-DC intelligent pols.

Power Supplies: Among our power supplies are low power AC-DC switching power supplies, open frame AC-DC power supply, AC-DC power supplies with PFC, linear power supplies, global performance switchers, medical switchers with power factor correction, commercial switchers with power factor correction, universal input power supply, front end switcher, DIN rail power supplies, linear DC power supplies, unregulated power supply, power shelves, front-end distributed power system, LED lighting power supply – Class 2, single output AC dimmable LED power supply, U-bracket single output with PFC function, single / dual / triple output switching power supply, dual output with battery charger ( USP function ) power supply, three phase DIN rail power supplies, parallel switching power supplies, miniature switching power supplies, block type DIN mount switching power supplies, universal class B EMI series, general purpose power supplies, DIN rail distribution terminal blocks, uninterruptible power supply and accessories, surge protection devices, converters and signal conditioners, surge arresters, surge protection devices with EMI / RFI filter for AC power systems, mini MCR analog modules, DC-DC power supplies, LED drivers, AC / DC converters, unregulated wall plug-in adapters. 

AC Adapters: Among our AC adapters are single output, medical AC adapters, power over ethernet, medical switch-mode power supply, high power POE injectors, external power supplies, single output regulated power supplies, triple output, AC – DC single output desktop power supply, interchangeable plug adapters, USB adapter, DC – DC power over ethernet splitters, power supply cords, universal input single output adapter.

Power Filters: Among our power filter products are line filters, multipurpose power line RFI filters for emission control and high-noise industrial environments, multipurpose power line RFI filter for emission control, single phase power filters, single phase EMC / RFI filter for motor drivers, DC EMC/EMI power line filter, single and two phase EMC/RFI filters, 3-phase filters.

Power Protection: Some of our products are UPS and power protection, constant voltage transformers, DIN rail uninterruptible power supply, DIN rail surge suppression.

Batteries - Rechargeable and Non-Rechargeable: Some of our rechargeable battery products are consumer and sealed lead – acid battery finder, nickel cadmium batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, rechargeable NIMH and NICD battery chargers, sealed lead – acid batteries, deep cycle batteries, switch – mode chargers, pure lead batteries, battery capacity analyzer.

Battery Holders & Contacts: Some of our battery holders and contacts are modular contacts, front panel sealed battery holders, standard battery holders, PC / Base mount battery holders, coin cell battery holders, AA battery holders, metal and plastic battery holders / clips, battery snaps, spring contacts.


If you already know exactly the product make, model, code, part number ....etc. or at least the specifications of the items you would like to order or if you need custom manufacturing according to your specifications, please click highlighted text below:


AGS-Electronics’s worldwide design and channel partner network provides a channel between our authorized design partners and our customers in need of technical expertise and cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. Download brochure for our DESIGN PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM

If you don't have a specific product brand, model, code....etc. in mind but would like to search for something that may suit your needs, we invite you to download the brochures and catalogs below for some of the off-shelf products available: OFF- SHELF ELECTRONIC POWER GENERATION & CONVERSION & MANAGEMENT PRODUCTS

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AGS-Electronics is your Global Supplier of Electronics, Prototyping House, Mass Producer, Custom Manufacturer, Engineering Integrator, Consolidator, Outsourcing and Contract Manufacturing Partner


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