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Meters & Indicators & Scales

LED Indicators: Among our LED indication products are surface mount LEDs, SMD LED, thru-hole LEDs, thru-hole LED lamps, LED arrays, circuit board indicators, LED panel mounting accessories, non-relampable indicators, neon indicators, panel mount indicators, miniature incandescent replacements, miniature incandescent lamps, submidget indicators, relampable indicator holder, Bi / Multi - Color LEDs, LED snap-in panel mount indicators, watertight mounting holes, NEMA 4X panel mount LED indicators, PCB indicators, LED modules and light bars, LED backlighting kit, interconnect cables, cable clamp, distribution and power control components, power supplies, direct-wire convenience box, LED length flexible light, LED bars and LED based lampstrips, mounting hardware and connectors, cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL), inverters for fluorescent lamps, white lamps, rectangular LEDs, photo transistor, infrared diodes, ultra thin LEDs, infrared emitters and receivers, infrared (IR) LED light rings, photointerrupters, ribbon fiber lighting cable, ultra-violet (UV) LEDs, LED mounts and light pipes, pre-wired solderless LED interconnections, moisture sealed litepipe assembly, LED lenses, circuit board sockets.

If you already know exactly the product make, model, code, part number ....etc. or at least the specifications of the items you would like to order or if you need custom manufacturing according to your specifications, please click highlighted text below:


AGS-Electronics’s worldwide design and channel partner network provides a channel between our authorized design partners and our customers in need of technical expertise and cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. Download brochure for our DESIGN PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM

If you don't have a specific product brand, model, code....etc. in mind but would like to search for something that may suit your needs, we invite you to download the brochures and catalogs from the page below for some of the off-shelf products available: OFF-SHELF METERS & INDICATORS & SCALES

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