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Circuit Protection & Passives

Circuit protection products offered by AGS-Electronics are: 
Gas Discharge Tubes
Thermal Protection
Resettable Fuses
Fuses and Fuse Holders

Suppliers for our circuit protection products are:
Cooper Bussmann
Eagle Plastic Devices
GE Sensing/Thermometrics
Keystone Electronics

TE Connectivity
Vishay/BC Components

"Passives" offered by AGS-Electronics are: 
Networks and Arrays
Surface Mount
Precision and Dials

Single-Turn Trimmers
Multi-Turn Trimmers
Aluminum Surface-Mount
Aluminum Polymer
Aluminum Can Type
Aluminum Leaded
Flexible Termination, SMD
Ceramic Surface Mount
Ceramic Leaded
Film Capacitors
Mica Capacitors
Capacitors (cont.)
Tantalum Surface Mount
Tantalum Leaded
Wet Tantalum

Frequency Controls
EMI Suppression
Signal Conditioning

Suppliers for our "Passives" products are:
BI Technologies/TT electronics

Coiltronics/Cooper Bussmann
Cornell Dubilier
Dielectric Labratories
ETI Systems
ICE Components
IRC/TT electronics

KOA Speer
Laird Technologies
Maxwell Technologies
Panasonic Electronic Components
PowerStor/Cooper Bussmann
Spectrum ASP

Sprague Goodman
Triad Magnetics
TriQuint Semiconductor
United Chemi-Con
Vishay/BC Components
Vishay/Thin Film

Welwyn/TT electronics
Wurth Electronics

Varistors: Among our varistors are ceramic transient voltage suppressors, multilayer bi-directional transient voltage suppressors, automotive series – multilayer varistors, multilayer ceramic transient voltage suppression arrays, surface mount ceramic transient voltage suppressors, high temperature automotive multilayer varistors, ceradiodes, gas discharge tubes and varistors, advanced thermofuse varistor, SMD, metal oxide varistors, thermally protected varistor, radial leaded metal oxide varistors.

Gas Discharge Tubes: Among our gas discharge tube category products are gas discharge tube surge protector, 2-pole and 3-pole gas discharge tubes, gas plasma arresters, GDT, GDTs, broadband optimized gas discharge tubes, surface mount GDT.

Thermal Protection: Among our thermal protection products are fuses and thermistors, low current miniature size thin film fuse, SMD thin film fuse, SMD thermistor, NTC, NTCs, temperature measurement and compensation thermistors, glass encapsulated sensors, temperature measurement SMDs with nickel barrier termination, temperature measurement probe assemblies, inrush current limiters, PTC thermistors, PTC SMD thermistor for thermal management in LED driver circuits, miniature sensor, glass encapsulated DO-35, NTC chip thermistors for temperature compensation, through-hole thermistor, overcurrent protection, temperature sensing PTCs.

Resettable Fuses: Among our resettable fuse category products are PTC resettable fuses, LED shunt protectors, PTCs, overcurrent protection, automotive series resettable fuses, telecom and network resettable fuses, ESD protectors and SMD chip fuses, silicon ESD protection devices, femtoSMDC device, polymer ESD protector, fast acting SMD chip fuse.

Fuses & Fuse Holders: Among our fuses and fuse holders are fuses and ESD devices, ESD suppressors, ESD-EMI series surface mount varistors, slow blow surface mount fuses, fast acting SMD fuses, high inrush current surface mount fuses, single blow SMD fuse, SMD power cross protection fuses, time delay chip fuses, fuse links for solar panel applications, telecom circuit protector, printed circuit board fuses, fuse holders, clips, blocks, standard panel mount fuse holders, panel mount & in-line fuse holders, moulded base fuse block, high I2T fuses, alarm indicating fuses, time lag SMD fuses, axial lead and cartridge fuses, slow-blow pigtail fuses, SMF fuse, subminiature fuses, ceramic fuse, solar fuses, blade fuses, shock-safe fuse holders, power-safe dead front holders, midget fuse holder, high breaking capacity time delay fuse, universal modular fuses, slow blow fuses, PCB mount fuse clips.

Resistors & Potentiometers: Among our resistors and potentiometers are chip resistor arrays, precision low temperature coefficient resistors, voltage divider networks, SMD resistor networks, BGA terminators, thin film resistor networks, surge resistor, current sensing resistors, high power chip resistors, thick film chip resistor, metal film chip resistors, high voltage thick film chip resistors, wraparound thin film chip resistors, thin film microwave resistors, pulse resistor, leaded resistors, metal glaze resistors, fixed carbon composition resistors, wirewound resistors, power resistors, flip chip resistors, resistor mounting clips, capacitor discharge resistors, precision metal clad shunts, heat sinkable planar resistors, resistor kits, vitreous enamelled wirewound resistors, rheostats, rheostat, potentiometers and dials, wirewound potentiometer, precision pots, turns counting dials, switchpots, joysticks, high precision joystick controls, rotary and slide potentiometers, mini slide potentiometer, potentiometers with color indicator, clear shaft potentiometer, slide potentiometers with LED, PC mount, snap in and thumbwheel potentiometers, linear taper potentiometers, guitar potentiometers, panel controls, trimmer potentiometers, single-turn trimmer, angle sensor, multi-turn trimmers.

Capacitors & Inductors: Among our capacitors and inductors are:

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, Aluminum caps, ultra low impedance series, SMD, anti-vibration series, chip type capacitor, bi-polar SMD series capacitor, aluminum organic capacitors, polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors, low profile, low ESR and large capacitance capacitor, radial lead type, ultra low ESR, low ESL and ultra low capacitance capacitors, snap-in snapmount capacitors, high capacitance screw terminal large can, capacitor mounting hardware, DC Link film capacitor, high ripple current screw terminal, supercapacitors, high power pulse supercapacitor, memory back-up capacitors, electric double layer capacitors, ultracapacitor, hybrid capacitor, screw terminal EDLC, ultracapacitor and hybrid design kit, thru hole capacitors, stacked coin capacitors, surface mount type, coin cell supercapacitor, high temperature series, low leakage current series, miniature axial capacitors, tubular general purpose capacitor, ceramic capacitors, flexible termination SMD, MLCC with high voltage, SMD MLCC capacitor array, floating electrode  MLCC, open mode design capacitors, surge and safety capacitor, AC capacitors, surface mount OMD capacitors, feedthru array, low inductance capacitors, tip and ring MLCC, thin film RF / microwave capacitors, microwave MLCs, MLC chip capacitor, tin / lead chip capacitors, multilayer ceramic chip capacitors, high Q RF microwave capacitors, high frequency capacitor, conformal coated ceramic capacitors, AC line rated disc capacitors, film capacitors, radial metallized polyester film capacitors, snubber capacitors, motor run capacitors, DC 
link film capacitors, metallized paper capacitors, stacked metallized PPS film chip capacitors, suppression AC capacitors, pulse duty film capacitors, RF Mica chip capacitors, niobium oxide capacitors, tantalum caps.

Dual winding shielded power inductors, shielded SMD power inductors, non-shielded power inductors, high Q and multilayer chip inductors, inductor, chip bead and portnote design kit, ferrite beads, high current toroidal inductors, inductors and transformers, automotive inductor, high current high frequency power inductors, SMT power inductors, ring core double choke, wire wound chip inductors, chokes, rod core chokes, high frequency winding type air core coil, SMD common mode choke coils, bobbin inductors, fixed inductor, GigaHertz rated inductors, current sense transformers, toroidal filter inductors, common mode inductors, ceramic inductor, SMD common mode noise suppressors, SMD common mode line filters. 

Frequency Control: Among our frequency control products are: OCXO Oscillators, Oven Controlled Oscillators, clock oscillators, ceramic microprocessor crystals, ceramic resonators and SAW products, SAW filters, tuning fork watch crystals, crystal clock oscillator, CMOS, SMD ceramic resonator, temperature compensated crystal oscillators, TCXO, SMD programmable XO and VCXO oscillators, voltage controlled crystal oscillators, high frequency crystals, MHz range metal can crystals, KHz range cylinder crystals, reflowable crystal, filters, HCMOS, LVPECL, LVDS, SMD quartz crystals, HCMOS/TTL clock oscillator, MEMS oscillators, monolithic crystal filters, Zigbee / Bluetooth crystals, low jitter configurable oscillators, hybrid crystal resonator, BAW filters, RF oscillators, single frequency VCSO oscillators.

EMI Suppression: Among our EMI suppression products are: Line filters, EMI filters, soft ferrites, EMI shield beads, EMI suppression cores with cases, ferrite RFI suppressors, split cable snap ferrites, split sleeve snap ferrites, jelly bean snap with internal locking system and cable grip ends, solid ferrite beads, very high impedance multi-turn sleeve snap, EMC wave absorber sheet material, RFI / EMI gaskets and fabrics, SMT EMI grounding pads,  fabric over foam EMI shielding gaskets, fingerstock gaskets and metal grounding products, board level shields, microwave absorbers, ferrite EMI chip beads, broadband ribbon & flex cable ferrite cores for EMI, snap-on EMI ferrite clamp filter in plastic case, choke arrays, differential mode ferrite EMI filter, common mode high current chip beads, common mode EMI filter array, devices for high speed and UHF applications, leaded EMI filter LC combined type, ferrite bead inductors, chip capacitor type EMI filters, LC combined chip EMIFIL, low pass filters, current compensated chokes, common mode suppression chokes, solder-in PI circuit filters, resin sealed bolt-in filters, high current / high voltage resin sealed filters, hermetically sealed threaded case filters, EMI pi and X2Y filters, feedthru capacitors, coaxial broadband filter, toroidal and axial ferrite beads, SMD EMI suppression ferrite beads WE-CBF.

Signal Conditioning: Among our signal conditioning products are: common mode filters, antenna, baluns, filters & diplexer, dual-circuit modularized common mode filter array, compact size multilayer common mode filter, multilayer chip antennas, multilayer chip ultrawideband baluns, multilayer chip bandpass filters, multilayer chip ultrawideband diplexers, common mode filters, band pass filters, balance filter, bluetooth / WLAN antennas, high frequency baluns, high frequency balance filters.

If you already know exactly the product make, model, code, part number ....etc. or at least the specifications of the items you would like to order or if you need custom manufacturing according to your specifications, please click highlighted text below:


AGS-Electronics’s worldwide design and channel partner network provides a channel between our authorized design partners and our customers in need of technical expertise and cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. Download brochure for our DESIGN PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM

If you don't have a specific product brand, model, code....etc. in mind but would like to search for something that may suit your needs, we invite you to download the brochures and catalogs below for some of the off-shelf products available: OFF-SHELF CIRCUIT PROTECTION & PASSIVES

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