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Semiconductor products offered by AGS-Electronics:
Programmable Logic
Standard Logic
Analog ICs
Amplifier ICs
Power Management 
Diodes and Rectifiers
Transient Protection


Suppliers for our semiconductor products are:
Advanced Linear Devices (ALD)

Arctic Silicon Devices
Avago Technologies
Central Semiconductor
Cirrus Logic
Diodes Inc.
Energy Micro

GeneSiC Semiconductor
IAR Systems
Keil Tools
Lattice Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor

PLX Technology
ROHM Semiconductor
Signum Systems
Silicon Labs
Teridian Semiconductor
Texas Instruments
TriQuint Semiconductor
Vishay Semiconductor

Among our MCU / MPU / DSP products are microprocessor, microcontrollers, microcontroller, CAN AVR, RF/wireless microcontrollers, flash programmable memory, AVR development tools and accessories, advanced JTAG emulators, emulation tools for TI DSPs,emulator, emulation adapters, mixed-signal arrays, PSoC MCUs, LED drivers, USB microcontroller, wireless USB, EZ-color high brightness LED controller, intelligent LED drivers, PHYs and CPLDs, capsense controller, touchscreen solutions, ProC - Programmable Radio On Chip, MPU processors, flash  programmers, FDI derivative boards & programmers and kits, USB dongle and derivative boards, in-circuit programmers and accessories, industrial MCU, USB device controller and integrated USB transceiver, integrated LCD driver and charge pump, ultra low-power MCU with integrated LCD driver, motor control microcontrollers, core microcontroller, MCUs with CAN, LIN master, EEPROM, embedded slave LIN controller (SLIC), PWM for three phase motor control, MCUS, ethernet MCUS, RISC microcontrollers, expanded connectivity MCUs, embedded multimedia applications processors, communications processor, digital signal controllers, general purpose 16-bit fixed point, audio DSP products, tower system development tools, modular development platform, tower system MCU modules, embedded workbench, debug probes and hardware, MCU development tools for ATMEL, INTEL and SANYO devices, ULINK / PC-LINT debuggers and syntax checker, high power high gain amplifier, multimedia expansion board, MPPT  Maximum Power Point Tracking IC, propeller multicore microcontrollers, programmers and debuggers, OMAP and DSP emulators, capacitive touch sense MCUs, precision mixed-signal microcontrollers, automotive microcontrollers, smart interface Ics, USB to UART bridge, general purpose control, flash / ROM no LCD microcontrollers, DSP generation – floating point DSPs,  OMAP processor.

Among our memory products are memory modules, Serial ATA Flash Drive (SAFD), SATA disk module (SDM), ATA disk module (ADM), industrial compact flash, industrial SD cards, programmable logic, dataflash, EPROM, serial and parallel EEPROMS,  electronically erasable programmable logic devices EEPLDS, asynchronous SRAM, multi port memories, non-volatile SRAM, synchronous SRAMs, FIFO, FIFOs, MTP Many Time Programmable Parallel Flash, series SSF Small Sector Flash, CSF Concurrent Super Flash, solid state drives and controllers, embedded solid state drive, ATA flash disk controller, compact flash card controller, surface mount static RAMs, dynamic RAM / DRAM, SDR Single Data Rate synchronous surface mount, MPF Multi Purpose Flash parallel flash, temperature sensor with on board SPD EEPROM, I2C bus low standby current partial array write protection, I2C bus low standby current full array write protection, I2C bus cascadable serial EEPROM, dual port serial CMOS EEPROM, microwire bus (3 - wire), SPI bus with low standby current, NVRAM, F-RAM Ferroelectric Random Access Memory, event data recorder, floating gate flash memory products, page – mode interface flash memory, conventional interface products, serial peripheral interface (SPI) products.

Among our logic products are CPLDs, CPLD, complex programmable logic devices, ISPCLOCKS, platform manager, power manager, programmable logic software, FPGA, FPGAs, Field Programmable Gate Arrays, standard logic, surface mount devices SMD, hex inverter, NAND gate, octal buffer / line driver, OR gate, AND gate, flip flop, hex inverting Schmitt trigger, shift registers, 3-state octal D-type latch, 3-state octal buffer, decoder/demultiplexer, universal configuration 2-Input logic gates, transparent latch, dual supply transceiver, 12-stage binary counter.

Among our analog IC products are precision analog ICs and energy harvesting modules, single / dual CMOS analog RC timers, dual CMOS analog voltage comparators, precision CMOS voltage comparators, ultra low charge injection low voltage analog switches, precision low drift, low power analog timers with high discharge output, analog digital converters, audio components, D / A converters, A / D converters, Audio CODECs, sample rate converters, digital audio transceiver, digital amplifiers, power technology, volume controllers, industrial amplifiers, 3 – phase PWM DC motor drivers, embedded ethernet controller, echo cancellers, PWM controllers, power factor correction ICS, audio digital signal processors (DSP), interface ICs and processors, clock generators, sensor, SOC & transceiver, capacitive button controller, USB transceiver, buffers, LED / LCD driver solutions / lighting ICS, variable speed brushless fan motor controller, analog video products, gate drivers, single and multi-cell system power boost converters, current monitors, boost converter for camera photoflash applications, ultra high speed multiprotocol serial transceivers, 8-bit UARTs, PCIE UART, bus interface UARTs, PCI UARTs, I2C / SPI UARTs, LIUs and evaluation boards, Line Interface Unit (LIU), transceiver / CDR, T1 / E1 / SDH / WAN clocks, bits clock, LVDS analog interface, analog switch, audio jack microphone / video switches, analog timer, accelerometers, acceleration sensors, proximity & capacitive touch sensor controllers, engine control analog power IC, H-bridges and configurable switches, analog and mixed signal development tools, accelerometer IC, active filters, controller area network (CAN) transceivers, Local Interconnect Network (LIN) transceivers, real time clocks, crystal oscillators, silicon oscillators, voltage controlled oscillator, clock generators, timekeeping clocks, delay lines, digital potentiometer, precision matched resistor dividers, level translators, ADCS Analog to Digital Converters, touch interface ICs, RS-232 line drivers / receivers, RS-232-485/422 multiprotocol transceivers, RS-485/RS-422 line drivers / receivers, RS-485 line drivers / receivers, I/O port expanders, audio line drivers, SATA / PCIE repeaters and buffers, LVDS line drivers, digital temperature sensors, multiplexer switch ICs, high voltage transmit / receive switch, data converters, MOSFET drivers, Digital to Analog Converters (DAC), Audio CODEC, host controller, I2C bus repeaters / hubs / extenders, I2C general purpose I/O, I2C voltage level translator, PCI express physical layer devices, wideband RF switch, smart card readers, DC – DC converters, load / relay drivers, LAN switches, PCI – Express switch, USB 2.0 high speed programmable peripheral controller, Hall Effect ICs, EEPROMs, amplifiers, AC current sensor, infrared proximity sensors, proximity and ambient light sensors, jitter attenuating clocks, RF synthesizers, ethernet transceivers, electronic line switch integrated circuits, power meter ICs and VOIP modems, isolators.


Among our amplifier IC products are oscillation free operational amplifiers, operational AMPS, RFIC amplifiers and transistors, RFICs, transistor, broadband & driver amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, instrumentation amplifier, audio amplifiers, video / wideband amplifiers, video filter amplifiers, comparators, microchip programmable gain amplifiers, high speed amplifiers, standard linear amplifiers, fully differential amplifiers, difference amplifiers, current shunt monitors, audio digital amplifiers, headphone amplifiers, fixed gain amplifier, gain block amplifiers, power amplifiers, CATV amplifiers, discrete amplifiers, RF mixer, attenuator.


Among our power management products are DC-DC power management ICs, DC – DC controllers and converters, microprocessor supervisory circuits, dual channel USB power switch, LED driver ICs, power management controller, low dropout positive adjustable or fixed moded regulator, fixed voltage regulators, miniature voltage regulators, DC-DC buck converter, DC-DC converter / switcher – POL products, digital power controllers, synchronous step-down controller with DDR memory termination, LDO regulators, supervisors, DC motor controller, general purpose voltage regulator, ground fault interrupter, voltage references, PWMs and PFCs, PWM controllers, power factor correction PFC, load switches, low side and high side switches, RF switch, power IC, power control ICs, power semiconductors for automotive, RAM controllers, battery backup circuit ICs, battery chargers, battery management, current sense amplifiers, PMIC Power Management Integrated Circuit, monitored voltage supervisors, current limit switches, charge pumps, DC/DC switching regulators, programmable pulse width modulators, low dropout regulators, series voltage references, shunt voltage references, drivers for isolated power supplies, power-supply sequencers and voltage trackers, watchdog timers, hot swap controllers, off-line regulators, regulator ICs, interface data transmission, interface modulators / demodulators, clock synthesis ICs, drivers MOSFET / IGBT, isopro unidirectional digital isolators, digital isolated communications reference design kit, isopro bi-directional I2C compatible digital isolators, isopro isolated gate drivers, power over ethernet (PoE) powered devices, MOSFET drivers, PWM power supply controllers, power factor correction ICs, dual / single channel LDOS, Power Management IC (PMIC) Solutions with and without battery, motion controllers, NVSRAM, battery fuel gauges, lithium ion protection, non-isolated POL, integrated power stage, switchmode controller & regulator, bus interface driver and receiver. 

Among our diodes and rectifiers are Schottky diodes, pin diodes, SMD switching diodes, SMD Schottky rectifier diodes, current regulating diodes, low noise Zener diodes, rectifiers, bridge rectifiers, circuit protection devices, fast / super fast / ultra fast recovery rectifiers, hyperabrupt varactor diodes, quad surface mount TVS arrays, IGBT modules, IGBT power integrated modules, ultrafast diodes, small signal diodes, trigger diode, silicon carbide rectifiers, RF varactor diodes, RF mixer and detector, RF signal detection and power leveling, ESD & EMI protection devices and filters, low VF Schottky diodes, tuning diode, TVS, glass passivated fast recovery, Schottky barrier, trenchmos barrier Schottky rectifiers, thyristors, hexfred diodes, single and three phase bridge rectifiers, phase control SCRS.

Among our transistors and MOSFETs are NPN and PNP small signal transistors, power transistors, junction FETs and MOSFET, pre-biased transistors, bipolar transistors, NPN and PNP medium power transistors, low saturation transistors, high voltage transistors, single NPN and single PNP Darlington transistors, NPN planar avalanche transistor, high gain transistors, switching power transistors, anti-saturation transistor, audio and car amplifier transistors, JFETs, IGBTS, surface mount devices, SMD, digital transistor, dual and quad general purpose transistors, RF small signal transistor, intelligent power modules, transistor arrays, RF bipolar transistors, silicon transistors, silicon germanium transistors, SiGe high performance low noise RF bipolar transistors, silicon AF digital transistors, bias resistors, low VCE bipolar transistor, JFET, MOSFET and MOSFET arrays, N-channel enhancement mode, P-channel enhancement mode, N-channel zero threshold mode, N-channel depletion mode, N-channel enhancement mode vertical DMOS FETs, P-channel enhancement mode vertical DMOS FETs, MOSFET switch, low medium and high power MOSFETs, logic level MOSFET, RF MOSFET, trench power MOSFETs, IGBT MOSFET, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor MOSFET, load switch with level shift.

Among our thyristor category products are thyristor surge protectors, thyristor overvoltage protectors, triacs and SCRs, triac, microcapacitance SC sidactor devices, high surge current sidactor devices, sensitive triacs and SCRs, SCR, Silicon Control Rectifiers, SIDAC, SIDACs, QUADRACs, programmable unijunction transistors, alternistor triacs, surface mount packages (SMD).

Among our transient protection products are steering / TVS diodes and arrays, SMD TVS diode arrays, high speed protectors,protector,  transient blocking units, discrete TVS chip diodes, interface and power / analog devices, HDMI port protection and interface devices, IEEE 1284 parallel port ESD /EMI / termination networks, upstream USB port terminators, EMI filter for T-flash / MICROSD, VGA port companion circuits, VGA port companion circuit for monitor, dual input power switch, headset speaker EMI filter, DDR VDDQ and VTT termination voltage regulators, low capacitance ESD array, 6 channel ESD protection array, ESD clamp array for high speed data line protection, EMI filters with integrated ESD protection, transient voltage supressors, AC signal ESD protectors, low capacitance ESD protection for high speed serial interfaces, silicon protection arrays, lightning surge protection, TVS diode array kit for ESD and lightning protection, CAN BUS ESD protection, Local Interconnect Network (LIN) ESD protection, unidirectional and bidirectional transient voltage suppressors, firewire ESD clamp with live-insertion detection, HDMI port ESD solutions, high-speed differential interface ESD solutions, high-speed data interface ESD solutions, USB 3.0 interface ESD solutions, VGA port ESD solution with level shifter & matching impedance, bidirectional asymmetrical ESD protection EMI filters, bidirectional asymmetrical ESD Zener diodes.

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