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Embedded Systems & Microcontrollers & Microcomputers

Embedded solution products offered by AGS-Electronics are:
Wireless Solutions
Embedded Modules
Single-Board Computers

Suppliers for our embedded solution products are:
Antenna Factor

Atop Technologies
Connect One
DLP Design

Janz Tec
Laird Technologies
Linx Technologies
LS Research
Multi-Tech Systems
NXP Semiconductors
Phoenix Contact
Rabbit Semiconductor
Roving Networks
Silex Technology

Silicon Labs
Texas Instruments
Triquint Semiconductor
Wi2Wi, Inc.

Among our embedded modules are energy harvesting modules and kits, electronic batteries, receivers and transmitters, thermal energy harvester, development boards, prototyping boards, iChip, socket modules & device servers, classic mobile hotspot, embedded WIFI modules, embedded LAN modules, secure iLAN, USB interface products, USB to serial adapter, USB based security dongle, temperature and humidity sensor, flash 2, USB microcontroller development boards, USB data acquisition boards, miniature USB microcontroller module, Vinculum-II host controllers and USB UART ICs, USB UART and USB interface  ICs, hi-speed IC based modules, USB-COM-PLUS modules, USB to parallel FIFO module, USB cable assemblies with embedded electronics, universal sockets and embedded Modems, intelligent cellular Modem, ethernet core processor modules, serial to ethernet module, 32 bit serial to ethernet processor boards, XGS development systems, basic stamp modules and accessories, basic stamp 1 project board, core modules, embedded networking and control, device servers, wireless / wired serial device server, print and USB device server, ethernet converter.

Some of our single board computer products are computer-on-modules, express compact module based on INTEL  ATOM processor Z5XX series, XTX embedded CPU modules with 4 PCI express lanes and SATA, ZigBee enabled ethernet gateway, wireless or wired connectivity for industrial control, smart start system, embedded control systems for real time control and data acquisition applications, digital I/O cards, A/D cards, D/A cards, relay cards, CPU cards, backplane, programming and development tools, motion detection single board computer.

If you already know exactly the product make, model, code, part number ....etc. or at least the specifications of the items you would like to order or if you need custom manufacturing according to your specifications, please click highlighted text below:


If you don't have a specific product brand, model, code....etc. in mind but would like to search for something that may suit your needs, we invite you to download the brochures and catalogs by clicking link below for some of our off-shelf products available:

OFF-THE-SHELF Embedded Systems & Industrial Computers & Panel PC

AGS-Electronics’s worldwide design and channel partner network provides a channel between our authorized design partners and our customers in need of technical expertise and cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. Download brochure for our DESIGN PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM

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