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AGS-Electronics Past & Present Mission

We were established under the name AGS-Group in 1979 as an industrial products and construction supplies manufacturing company. In 2002, the advanced technology group spun-off as AGS-TECH Inc. reflecting its mission in the technology field and focusing on more value added manufacturing and fabrication processes.


AGS-Electronics is a specialized division of AGS-TECH Inc. that handles requests for electronic products and services that are related to the design, development and sale of electronic subassemblies, assemblies and finished products.

Our company is incorporated in the state of New Mexico-USA. AGS group of companies have annual turnover in the multimillion dollar range. The advanced technology group AGS-TECH is a part of this group and is still growing year after year. Our technical team members hold multiple patents in their areas of expertise, many have dozens of publications in internationally recognized journals and are inventors with graduate degrees from top universities in the World. Every day our teams review customer supplied blueprints, specification sheets and Bill of Materials, exchange information with customers, hold engineering meetings and consult each other, provide their expert opinion to our clients, modify and improve customers blueprints and design, and sometimes make a new design from scratch. Once they determine the most economic, most suitable and fastest processes for a particular project, a formal quote or proposal is presented to every customer. Upon mutual agreement of both sides, and if the project is ready to be taken to the next level in the manufacturing cycle, either one or several plants are assigned for manufacturing the product.


All of the factories are either one of ISO9001:2000, QS9000, TS16949, ISO13485 or AS9100 quality management systems certified and manufacture products compliant with European and American industrial standards such as ASTM, ISO, DIN, IEEE, MIL. Whenever needed or required, products are certified and affixed the UL and/or CE mark, or if needed for certain medical or surgical application, they can be FDA approved. We own some of these manufacturing plants and have partial ownership in some others. With some factories and specialized manufacturing establishments we have partnerships or joint venture. We are also on a constant look-out globally to purchase shares or partner with new manufacturing plants if both sides meet each other's expectations. 

Throughout the years we have been serving many customers. To see what some of them think about AGS-TECH, please click on this link.

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AGS-Electronics is your Global Supplier of Electronics, Prototyping House, Mass Producer, Custom Manufacturer, Engineering Integrator, Consolidator, Outsourcing and Contract Manufacturing Partner


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